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Cloud Base Access control

Cloud Based CCTV

TERAPIXELS SYSTEMS brings IoT video solutions to market faster, at less cost and less risk. The company’s IoT video and cloud security cameras and surveillance services transform how telco, cable, security, storage, device manufacturers, and other industries create new value for their customers and new revenue for themselves.

The end-to-end TERAPIXELS SYSTEMS “Platform as a Service” (PaaS) supports connected devices that require video capture, security, transport, cloud storage, management, and distribution in a simple and elegant interface, cost-effectively delivered at scale worldwide to almost any device. Securely store and search video in the cloud.

Cloud Base CCTV Done the Right Way




TERAPIXELS SYSTEMS provides integrated end-to-end video surveillance and IoT solutions from camera and sensor to cloud to mobile and desktop.

TERAPIXELS SYSTEMS has delivered secure video surveillance solutions for over 30 years covering US and Caribbean countries. All video services are encrypted at capture, transport, and in storage.

TERAPIXELS SYSTEMS can reduce time to market by 50%, as well as bring commercial and residential surveillance and IoT video solutions online faster.

TERAPIXELS SYSTEMS reduces the total cost of ownership by 35% with fixed cost launch options, as well as dynamic storage, transfer, and compute fees.

Integrated access control systems to increase operational efficiencies and security across an organization

As modern and innovative technologies reshape basic concepts in access control and identity management, TERAPIXELS SYSTEMS enables private enterprises and complex public entities to maintain a robust security profile in the face of ever-increasing threats. TERAPIXELS SYSTEMS offers a range of traditional, bio metric, and cloud-based access control technologies designed to dramatically improve security and efficiency in your organization.

TERAPIXELS SYSTEMS ION is a modern unified security platform that combines physical access control and video monitoring. The TERAPIXELS SYSTEMS ION solution is built for today’s connected business people. From unlocking doors, to recording surveillance video, to giving access permissions to new employees and contractors, Delta I.S. offers a secure physical access control solution through the cloud.

Bio metrics

Deployed in the most secure government and private facilities, TERAPIXELS SYSTEMS has incorporated bio metrics into security technology implementations for clients with 50,000+ unique users.

Mobile Access Controls

To accommodate mobile security forces and deliver cost-effective systems, the TERAPIXELS SYSTEMS Team designs and deploys mobile access control points using wireless networks.

Smart Cards

TERAPIXELS SYSTEMS deploying Smart Cards in tandem with bio metrics, equipping large, public safety clients with an unparalleled level of security for users numbering in the tens of thousands.

Cloud-based Access Control Systems

TERAPIXELS SYSTEMS delivers cloud-based access control systems, allowing remote entry, scheduling of access and to see who’s in your building—from wherever you are (desktop or laptop, tablet or mobile device) through a single, secure web-based administrative interface.

Identity Management

TERAPIXELS SYSTEMS Identity Management solutions deliver a comprehensive view of user activities and controls, encompassing both physical and IT security. Our solutions enable clients to manage user identities in multiple systems, dynamically exchange information between systems and alert managers to anomalies or suspicious activities.

Data-Driven Insights

The TERAPIXELS SYSTEMS Team performs routine and on-demand data analysis of our clients’ access control data to identify trends over time and define thresholds and triggers of access breach events.

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