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Security Cameras San Diego

TeraPixels Systems is San Diego’s leading provider of security and surveillance cameras, in addition to leading cyber security and IT solutions. Our San Diego team customizes, installs, services, and designs commercial security camera systems throughout the San Diego community. When deciding on a company to install your surveillance security camera system, let the local San Diego professionals at TeraPixels handle it. Our team of San Diego technicians have the experience and understand how to properly secure different business properties throughout the San Diego region.

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San Diego Security Camera Services

  • High-Quality & Reliable Security Cameras
  • Cloud and Remote Access Control
  • Custom Engineering Design and Layouts
  • Custom and Comprehensive Camera and Accessory Options
  • Expert & Transparent Surveillance Security Camera Installation Technicians

Our Vision

TeraPixels Systems vision is to be the leading San Diego surveillance camera system provider. We accomplish this by providing local San Diego businesses with flexible, customized solutions in security cameras, surveillance systems, audio, video, IT and display solutions with the clients best interest in mind.

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    Security Cameras San Diego Testimonials

    See what people are saying about us.


    TeraPixels installed a modern surveillance camera system to an old warehouse. Not only did they install modern solutions but they also offered cost effective solutions that suited our growing business. And as we’ve moved forward, they’ve stood behind us with superior warranty and customer service.

    – Jake

    We shopped many for surveillance security camera companies in San Diego. TeraPixels offered a variety of options at a reasonable price. Now that we are a customer for almost a year, we highly recommend TeraPixels to our network for great service and customer support.

    – Amir

    San Diego Business Security Camera Solutions

    TeraPixels Systems delivers across the board, with our work extending from proprietary systems to open platforms.


    Indoor and Outdoor Surveillance Camera Installation

    Our TeraPixels Systems team has a wide range of security camera solutions on the market. In addition, our video security technical teams have the experience to tackle different problems and assist clients with product selection, design, configuration and installation, to deliver a complete system that strikes the proper balance of resolution quality and cost.

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    Hybrid IP and Analog Systems

    TeraPixels Systems designs custom video surveillance security cameras solutions for businesses in the San Diego region with large analog investments. We enable clients to leverage their existing infrastructure to deploy a unified solution that is standardized across their organization.

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    Infrastructure Solutions To Manage Video Data Streams

    TeraPixels Systems team delivers an array of infrastructure solutions. Our goal is to manage and transport unusually large video data streams without minimal delays. Furthermore our video surveillance infrastructure solutions include robust networks, high capacity digital storage, modern and advanced security techniques, and other services to make best use of your surveillance camera security installation investments.

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    Your San Diego Surveillance Security Support Partner

    As a member of the San Diego business community TeraPixels Systems has been helping provide surveillance systems and security support services to San Diego businesses for decades. Our team of consultants and technicians have the expertise you want to properly secure your business with modern and updated security system technologies with the touch of a business also located in San Diego.

    Security Cameras San Diego - Technology Features

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    Wireless Security Cameras

    When it’s impractical to deploy hard-wired connections, our team TeraPixels team of engineers can implement wireless security camera systems using high-bandwidth,high-security wireless links, with mesh networks and solar power. As a result delivering high-end video surveillance system coverage for virtually any location.

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    Large Format Video Displays

    TeraPixels installs large format video displays such as video walls, large LCDs displays, and video projection. Our large format video displays enable everyone in the room to view video, documents, computer screens, video conferences and other mission-critical incident content at the same time. TeraPixels Systems can successfully implement video displays ranging from multi-monitor desktops to a massive command center video wall featuring modular “cube” technology.
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    Cloud-Based Surveillance

    TeraPixels Systems offers cloud-based surveillance systems that simplify deployment. This surveillance system also comes with extremely scalable security technologies that require very low upfront costs. The company’s IoT video and cloud surveillance services help transform how telcom, cable, security, storage, device manufacturers, and other industries create value for businesses and add new revenue for themselves.

    Frequently Asked Questions about San Diego Surveillance Cameras Systems

    What is the Best Video Surveillance Systems Company in San Diego?

    TeraPixels Systems is the leading provider of security camera installation in San Diego. With the customers best interest in mind, we offer the best quality and our team of engineers focus on client engagement.

    We have a thorough understanding of all modern surveillance systems technology to ensure that businesses are properly protected and ready to do business in the digital world.

    What's the difference between surveillance cameras and security cameras?

    Security cameras, also known as CCTV cameras, are used to convey signals from one place to a monitoring center situated at a different location. Whereas surveillance cameras normally work on IP networks which links cameras from the remote area to a security location.

    What is a Cloud-Based Access Control?

    Cloud-Based Access Control has brought IoT video solutions to make cloud surveillance services faster, lower upfront cost and minimizing risk. Access Control has also helped transform how TeraPixels IoT video and cloud surveillance systems get installed. As a result, this Cloud-Based Access Control has helped transform how telco, cable, security, storage, device manufacturers, and other industries create new value for their customers.

    How Does The Command and Control Center Work with Surveillance Systems?

    From initial concept to progressive new modular design to ergonomic, modular, and adaptable, giving users flexibility in any technical environment. TeraPixels Systems control room consoles feature a monitor support system which offers the ultimate in adjustability.

    Monitor viewing angles and sight lines are easily optimized based on personal needs. Sight-Line is a beautiful control room console with a feature-set second to none.

    Can I Use Security Cameras Without Internet or WiFi?

    Yes! Traditionally wireless security cameras are used by connecting them to a wireless internet router to record and show footage from the cloud. However, security cameras can still function without internet connection and footage can be recorded through a private server or SD Cards attached to security cameras.

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